Geography and touristic places in France (Lecture by Manon Deseine)

Our intern Manon DESEINE hosted ACOPIA’s first multicultural class to introduce French culture. She decided to talk about the geography of France in general and not to be only focused on Paris, the main spot for tourists in France.

“If I can resume this presentation: it was fun and a great experience as it was my first professional presentation. From the preparation, and promotion to the day of the presentation it was all enriching.


First of all, it was interesting to present France to Koreans and people from other nationalities. Moreover, all seemed interested in France and asked many questions. At the beginning we sang the French anthem, then I realized a short quiz about France with some trick questions. I also showed the differences France and Korea about geographic aspect.


I hope they learnt a lot about France thanks to that presentation in a relaxed and funny way. Also, I was glad to introduce “Haute-Savoie” because this department is beautiful but not well known by foreigners. At the end we played a game called “Pictionary” and we ate some swiss chocolates.


After we went to a cafe and we had a great time together, it was a wonderful day!


Now I think it’s time to say good luck to the other French interns! However I’m sure their presentation will be also a success. So don’t hesitate to come seeing us! – Manon DESEINE-