Léa Letellier (France)

Why did I come to South Korea and why did I choose to do my internship in Asia Hope Camp Organization are maybe the questions that you will ask. I will explain it to you. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Léa Letellier, I came from France and I am 21 years old. I am a fourth-year student at Neoma Business School in Bachelor of Sciences in International Business. In order to graduate, I have to do an internship abroad. I wanted to go back in Korea because I went to Korea two years ago. I wanted to see how all the stuff that I learn can be put in practice in an NGO, that is the reason why I chose Asia Hope Camp.

The first week

I started the internship on January 4th. I was a little bit stressed by the new environment. I was in Korea for only a few days and my Korean is not really good. That was the main reason I felt shy in front of all my new co-workers. After a few days, it was better. I received my tasks so it was the time I had to start working and began to know a new aspect of Korean society that I didn’t know. I first worked on the introduction of the website in French and editing the English parts. Then I tried to contact an NGO in France to promote Asia Hope Camp Organization and also to have a partnership with them to expand the organization to Europe and more basically in France. Few days after, I went to the English Work Camp for Korean students as an English teacher assistant. It was fun. Even if the students were really shy to talk to me, they were still learning English and trying their best to progress in English. We visited the Anime Museum. I had never been there before. It was really nice and I loved it. For me, it was interesting. We also made an animated movie just by creating our own characters and took pictures of the animated movie we made. I couldn’t take many pictures but I really enjoyed it. 


The second week 

On the second week of my internship, I was again working on the translation on the website. This part took a longer as I had to correct myself, verify the orthography and grammar. It was really important to do it correctly. I worked mostly in the organization of the work camp in France for this summer. However, there were other things that I had to complete. Trying to have information and also partnership is really hard sometimes, that is why we should try again and again. I created the English/French Facebook page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram too. I started to promote Asia Hope Camp Organization this way. 


The third week 

On my third week of the internship, I spent my day translating and creating a booklet of presentation for the French. I also uploaded the social network and also worked on our new work camp which will occur in summer. I was pretty sure that foreigners people will be really interested by this new project. 


The fourth week 

Finally, for the end of my first month at Asia Hope Camp Organization, I uploaded news on our social media, in order to promote around the world and to attract foreigners to join our work camps. My co-worker Karin and I made a video introducing Asia Hope Camp Organization for French and other foreigners. We hoped to reach people this way.