Sabrina Gradolf  editor(Switzerland)


Everybody knows them and everybody loves them – Exactly… I’m talking about BTS, Blackpink, the "monsters" of Monsta X and other K-POP artists.

We are fascinated by their stage presence, their outfits, the performances...need I say more? You all know what I mean!

Do you also want to feel like a star and dive into the world of K-Pop? Then ACOPIA is the right place for you. With our ISKA-program we’re active in multicultural exchange, events and stages between Japan, Korea and the world. We support and encourage young, talented people who want to live out their passion for singing and dancing.

You can also meet our current Acopia Artists. Every Saturday at 17:00 (KST) we’re live on Instagram. It's the best opportunity to let you know what's coming up and what you can look forward to. Don't miss this chance and be there. 

Are you ready for it? Then sign up for our program today.


Sabrina Gradolf editor (Switzerland)



Are you between 17 and 37 years old, love to paint and there are no limits to your creativity? You would like to share your works with the whole world or even better - sell them, but you don't have the opportunity to do so?

We at ACOPIA know how difficult it is for young talents and without further ado we created ACOPIA Gallery. On this platform we present, promote and sell the artists' works. In this way, we want to show the uniqueness and versatility of each and present you as a person as well as your story.

ACOPIA desires to search art works of artists from various countries across the world. We seek to discover young artists’ works which reflect inherent national characteristics such as folk tales, landscapes, mountains and life. We want to help you give weight to your critical voice – feel free and live your art. There are no limits for you.

Are you a hidden talent waiting to be discovered? Register today, the exhibition will take place from 2021/11/01 – 2021/11-30.