SM Entertainment

Nina Ménoret ( FRANCE)

SM Entertainment est une maison de disque sud-coréenne fondée par Lee Soo-man en 1995. 

La société exploite un label, une agence de voyage, une agence de talent, un société de production de films, une société de de production de musique, une société de gestion d’évènements et de concerts et une société de production ainsi qu’une maison d’édition musicale. 

C’est l’une des plus grande maison de disques dans l’industrie de la Kpop.

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JYP Entertainment

Nina Ménoret (FRANCE)

JYP est une maison de disque sud coréenne. 

L’agence a été créée en 1997 par Park Jin-Young sous le nom «  Tae-Hong Planning Corporation » elle est devenue « JYP entertainment » en 2001.

Aujourd’hui elle fait partie de l’une des plus grande entreprise du divertissement.

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Kpop Flex Europea Festival

Nina Ménoret (France)

Kpop Flex est le premier festival de Kpop Européen. 

Inaugurer en Allemagne à Frankfurt il y’a 20 jours. 

Cette première date marque le début de nombreuse dates dans toutes l’Europe. 


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YG entertainment

Nina Ménoret (france)

YG Entertainment est un label discographique sud-coréen qui produit des artistes, acteurs et models. Situé à Séoul et plus précisément :

                                3, Huiujeong-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Séoul.

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Zuzia editorPoland

I was lucky and had a possibility to join BTS Permission to Dance On Stage offline concert. The show was held on 10th of March and 12th,13th of March. First show started at 7pm and the next two at 6pm. The entire concert was held in Jamsil Olympic Stadium. The access to the stadium is simple, you can take line 2 or 6 and get off at Jamsil Sport Complex.

I had a chance to be there at the very first show. The concert started at 7:00, there was no delay.

I was sitting just next to the stadium, and I was able to hear everything. There were a lot of people who also did not have a change to go inside the stadium and were having fun outside, like I did. They were singing so loud, that everyone outside the stadium was able to hear them singing.

Concert was 2,5h long, for my luck it was not raining like it was on Sunday’s and Saturday’s concert, so me and rest of the people were able to last to the end of the concert. It was not cold either so even though it was dark already, it was not a problem to last till the end. But people from weekend’s concert cannot the same thing.

Seoul was the second city to promote Permission to Dance On Stage Tour. The first one was Los Angeles, where 4 concerts where held on November and December, now the third city will be Las Vegas. Concerts are on April and also 3 dates for the shows were scheduled.


There are not further plans, what after Las Vegas, every time another city with concert is announcement just right after the last planned and announcement show.

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Handprint zone for K-POP fans


Sabrina Gradolf  editorSwitzerland 

The government of Seoul created a zone for handprints of K-pop stars, including BTS, at its main sports complex.

The Music Star Zone, installed at Seoul Olympic Stadium, also known as Jamsil Olympic Stadium, features handprints of 35 musicians from 12 singers or groups who have performed at the stadium in southern Seoul.

Besides BTS members, full-size handprints of TWICE, Cho Yong-pil, Seo Tai-ji and HOT are displayed at the zone, along with copper plaques that contain their career summaries.

The Seoul government also created seven photo zones at the stadium complex, from which visitors can take pictures of Seoul Olympic Stadium, a statue of Olympic mascot Hodori, a statue of legendary marathoner Son Gi-jeong and other monuments in the background.

The Music Star Zone is expected to provide new attractions to domestic and international visitors.

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The New Girl Group Kep1er’s Debut

Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)


To kick off the new year, Kep1er debuted with their song “Wa Da Da” with an exciting music video. The song has now become the lead single of their first six-track mini album “First Impact”, which was also released on January 3. Besides that, the project includes two other new songs which is: “See The Light” and “MVSK”, as well as versions of Girls Planet 999 tracks.

 The date for the release of their debut song was originally planned to be on December 14 but it got postponed to 2022 due to COVID-19. It began with a staff member being tested positive and a week later, the agencies announced that two of the members had been infected too. 

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What is KCON?


Kira Hermansen editor (Denmark)


KCON is an annual Korean wave convention held in locations across the globe, it’s a music festival created by Koreaboo and organized by CJ E&M. It was first held in Southern California as KCON in 2012 and has since expanded into eight countries as of 2018.

 In 2015, KCON expanded to Japan and then soon afterwards announced the first KCON in USA on the East Coast. In 2016, KCON expanded into Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Paris, France. In January 2017, KCON announced that they would be hosting their first KCON Mexico at the Mexico City Arena on March 17 and 18, 2017. 

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Mental Health within the K-pop Industry.

Kira Hermansen editor (Denmark)


In Korean society, mental health issues aren’t a thing you talk about. Talking openly about your mental health problems is a taboo in Korea and the national attitude surrounding metal illnesses is not looked at as something that could and should be openly discussed.

Because of the norm about mental health, some Korean artist have struggled a lot with it behind closed doors. A few years ago, you never heard a word about your favorite idols mental state, but a lot has changes over the last couple of years. It all started in December 2017 when famous boy group member Jonghyun from Shinee took his own life because of his long struggle with depression. The news took the world by storm and no one could believe what had happened. Not long after that Sulli from the famous girl group f(x) took her own life after a longer period with cyper bullying. Six weeks after that, one of Sulli’s good friends Goo Hara took her own life and right after her, a former boy group member of Surprise U Cha In-ah took his own life. In a span of 2 months, these three celebrities Sulli, Goo Hara and Cha In-ah where found dead, the fans of the deceased were speechless, and the entertainment industry became more focused and attentive on their artists metal health after these horrible accidents.

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SM Entertainment’s New K-pop Girl Group: “Girls on Top” (GOT the beat)

Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)



Girls on Top or (“GOT” for short) consist of 7 female members from SM Entertainment.



The annual SMTOWN LIVE event is always a must-watch event for many K-pop fans out there. Here you’ll get to see a variety of great performances and reveals from the South Korean management company’s roster of artists. This year, the Korean online concert reached 51 million global streams and according to SM – this is the highest number of views they’ve had. Other than breaking a record, this year included a surprise which was a new “supergroup” – the so-called “Girls on Top”.


They will feature rotating units which will be a combination of top female artist from SM Entertainment. The first unit “GOT the Beat”, features BoA, Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi, Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, and Aespa’s Karina and Winter. SM already stated that we can expect other sub-units under the Girls on Top, to be created from other artists with specific genres and themes.

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Street Woman Fighter: Opening the Door for Dancers

Thao My editor(Vietnam) 

Street Woman Fighter premiered on MNET this Summer, and its impact on the often-underappreciated South Korean dancing industry has been exponential. Through this program, eight female dance teams from across South Korea competed for the title of ‘Best Dance Team’. Even if there was only one eventual winning team, every dancer has benefited from the explosive success of Street Woman Fighter.Backup dancers have not always necessarily been unknown, but they have never been widely recognizable to the public. When EXO’s Kai had his solo debut last year, all eyes were instead on a girl behind him. Sporting sleek black hair and a charismatically cold gaze, an unknown backup dancer radiated beauty and viewers picked up on it. Garnering millions of views on edited “fancams”, the public came to the same conclusion. “The girl in the glasses is the best!”. But despite this wide public adoration, few would recognize her name, Noze.


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