The New Girl Group Kep1er’s Debut

Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)


To kick off the new year, Kep1er debuted with their song “Wa Da Da” with an exciting music video. The song has now become the lead single of their first six-track mini album “First Impact”, which was also released on January 3. Besides that, the project includes two other new songs which is: “See The Light” and “MVSK”, as well as versions of Girls Planet 999 tracks.

 The date for the release of their debut song was originally planned to be on December 14 but it got postponed to 2022 due to COVID-19. It began with a staff member being tested positive and a week later, the agencies announced that two of the members had been infected too. 

When the music video for Kep1er’s title track was released, it surpassed four million views during its first ten hours. Everything from chic outfits in black and white to pink and girly outfits, Kep1ler presents an energetic and charismatically song that captures the charms of all the nine members. While the chorus gives “Wa Da Da” an edgy tone, the post-chorus where they chant “Oh Oh Oh Woah” brings a brighter and more cute tone. This makes the song seem energetic and powerful with a lot of charm as they run towards your dream, “Kep 1 going Wa Da Da Da”. “Kep” means capturing a dream and the number “1” means becoming the best - which demonstrates Kep1er doing their best and returning their fans’ love and support with good music and performances.



During their showcase, the members of the group got to introduce themselves, completed profiles, played games, and performed stages for their songs. In the showcase, the official fandom name was also announced and turned out to be “Kep1ians” which is coined to their own group name. Besides that, the official colors were announced on Twitter, white and lavender for themselves and yellow and lavender for their fans. 

Kep1er were originally formed in October 2021 in the final episode of the Mnet reality series Girls Planet 999. The nine-member girl group are managed under WAKEONE Entertainment and Swing Entertainment, and consists of various nationalities: South Korea, Japan, and China. Their names are Yujin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Chaehyun, Dayeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih, Youngeun, and Yeseo.

It all began with 99 contestants in Girls Planet 999 and then, the ones with the highest votes would debut in the new group. The official nine members were unveiled during the show’s finale which was live-broadcasted on October 22. On the same day the Kep1er’s social media account were launched, and this was the beginning of the girl’s journey.



Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)