Esra Gayretli (Turkey)

My name is Esra Gayretli. I am Turkish and an exchange student in South Korea for 2016 spring term. I had been in Korea for four days when I first came to ACOPIA. Finding the office was difficult for me. Everything was new and totally different from the things I am used to. But in ACOPIA, people helped me to get used to the work. They explained what I needed to do in an easier and efficient way. Without their help, I would have spent much more time and effort to understand.

The times we spent together and the lunches we had together with our boss and other interns who are also from different nationalities made me feel more comfortable here. I became more into what I was trying to do here in the office. I searched for partnerships with Turkish organizations and work camps in Turkey. I had many talks and email conversations with different organizations.

I had many opportunities to search for work camps and volunteering abroad by having an internship in ACOPIA. It was a really great experience for me to be an intern in ACOPIA.