German Culture and Korean-Japanese Diaspora Communities in Germany (Lecture by Thomas Schobert)

Thomas Schobert successfully hosted Asia Hope Camp Organization's first multicultural classroom lecture. It was held last February 18, 2017 at Asia Hope Camp Organization's office. Students from different countries attended the lecture and shared insights about each other's countries and experiences. 

"These classes are supposed to be hold by international interns. By becoming a more international organization the intercultural exchange should not be limited to Korea and Japan only. Hereof, I prepared and conducted an intercultural training seminar for the cultural space of Germany. I created a flyer and promoted the event through friends and social media. Eventually, I was able to welcome seven students and fellow interns, who were interested in Germany or who already had a cultural experience with this country (e.g. language studies, travelling, studying, and long-term stays). Luckily, the group was very diverse (Thai, Korean, Brazilian/Italian, Filipino), so we could gain insight from different international perceptions and experiences regarding my home country. Again, I have to be grateful to my employer for giving me the chance to use the ACOPIA facilities on the weekend and for his trust in my abilities." - Thomas Schobert