Why you should (not) go to Belgium (Lecture by Lisa Fuca)

It’s our Belgian intern Lisa's turn to introduce her country. In her lecture, she shared reasons on why we should go or not go to Belgium. After seeing the beautiful places, learning the culture, and tasting Belgian chocolate, we were definitely convinced to go to Belgium!

It was really great experience for me to talk about my country in Korea. I enjoyed talking about Belgium because I realized Korean people don't know Belgium well so it was a great opportunity to teach them a little bit about Belgian culture.


It was the first time I created my own lecture for more than one hour all in English. It was really interesting and I discovered that I was more comfortable than I thought I would be. With  the help of another Korean co-worker, we promoted my multicultural class on various Korean cafés and Facebook pages.


People who came at my lecture were all very nice and looked interested in Belgium. We were a small group but it was even better so they could freely ask the questions they wanted. They could also taste some belgian chocolates and candies.


After the lecture, we went all together to play some board games. We had so much fun  that we didn't see the time flying. It was already dinner time so we decided to eat then had for some drinks and went to the karaoke after. I appreciated being with new people. It was a great day - Lisa Fuca