Marie Bardoula (France)

From April to May 2017
I’ve been doing my internship at ACOPIA for a month now. During these 4 weeks, I mainly worked on the promotion of the events that ACOPIA organizes (Kpop camp, meetup, multicultural classes). Like the other interns, I also had to conduct a presentation about my country : France. I chose to talk about the part of France where I live, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, as well as how to behave when visiting France and stereotypes on French people. I think everyone had a great time and a good laugh!


Soon, ACOPIA will open its really own cafe, and we will held language exchange meetup there. So nowadays, I’m working on it with my team mate, Manon. We are trying to find funny things to do with the participants, good ways to make people feel comfortable and make them have fun with us! 


All the other people working at ACOPIA are really nice and I’m really pleased to work with them. The managers are open to any new idea we might come up with, and I think it’s a real advantage : we don’t feel like simple interns here to bring coffee to the boss (like it’s the case in some companies…). 


It’s also a really great occasion to discover Korea and its culture. The interns can intend Korean language class and Kpop dance class for free! I really believe that this internship is a really a good opportunity for me to make the most of my time in Korea.

From May to June 2017
In May, I started giving French and English classes. I really liked teaching my own language to foreigners, but I also enjoyed teaching English.. I met really nice people thanks to these lessons, and it's a good experience for me.

About the meetup, we keep doing it, but we changed the schedule - now we only do it on Fridays, but more interns are in charge of it. I think it's better : the more, the merrier ! ^^ We can share more ideas, having more people to help during the meetups... And Friday is a better day too ! We can just hang out with the participants, and then all go out to share a pizza, as usually no one is working on the next day ! It's a really friendly atmosphere :) 

At the end of May, I also helped for the K-Pop Camp. We went to Hanlim Art School (and met Somi from the former band I.O.I. !!), and also famous parts of Seoul, such as Hongdae and Myeondong (where we ate delicious food ^^). 
The interns were also allowed to see the Kpop auditions held by Acopia, where famous entertainment companies' agents were there. 

It's unfortunately my last week, but I really hope to do my next year's internship at ACOPIA again ! :D