Maelys Kuebena (France)

Doing my internship at ACOPIA has been a chance and I really enjoy working with the team. Everyone is very nice and friendly and the atmosphere we're working in is really comfortable.
My missions up until now have consisted of promoting the Kpop Camp and the upcoming classes we're gonna have starting from next month. Using different social networks has been quite interesting and communicating with people is always fun.
I'm really looking forward the incoming events we're going to hold to discover more. 


 For the past few weeks I had to work some different projects which gave me a chance to diversify my horizons. Having the Kpop camp last month asked for us to be working as a team but also as individuals when necessary.


Giving English classes for 4 weeks gave me the occasion of meeting new people and work on the content of my classes. Having to adapt it following the weeks and the needs of my student was actually a pretty fun thing to do.


The first meet up was held after having organized it as a team work. It was pretty satisfying seeing people having fun after having created things for them to have a nice evening.



Finally I had the chance to go to Daejeon last week to meet representatives of a university concerning the internship program in Japan. We had a very interesting and fun day.