What do French people eat? (Lecture by Yannis Melhaoui and Maelys Kuebena)

I really liked the multicultural classroom, for me it was a difficult experience because I’m not used to speaking in front of many people so it was new for me but it was definitely a good one.

These type of experiences are really good if you don’t like to talk in public because they train you and help you. I did it with my friend Maelys and we presented French food, it was really fun because during the presentation we could saw some videos and tried some French food (like “croissant”, “les crêpes” and “le camembert”, a famous French cheese). People liked all food we brought, even if the “camembert” was special because it smelled really hard (you recognize a true French cheese with his smell).

The talk was pretty fun, we had laugh with people who came and we talk with them, asked everyone their opinion about the food and everyone was full at the end!



Maelys talked about French wine (like “Bordeaux”) and the origin of French wine and I talked about what French people eat like during breakfast or lunch. There were many Koreans people who came and truly passionate wine customer too (red especially).