Lisa Fuca (Belgium)

February to March 2017

During these two past weeks, I kept working on the promotion of the multicultural class as well as internship among the French speakers. I did the promotion through Facebook and various Facebook pages. I also informed my friends who are learning French if they would like to promote my class. I am now in a team with Camille, who is in charge of the internship program. I am the first contact of the internship applicants while Camille takes care of the details such as accommodation, training agreement or the date of start and end of the internship. I think we are efficient as we are working the two of us together but it is sometimes difficult because we don’t know if the other already contacts this applicant or not. That’s why we have to stay in touch continuously. As we added some new rules for the internship applicants, I updated the French version of our website. I also changed the layout of the French version so it is clearer.

After official hours, I meet some friends even though it is still cold outside these days. I also did some volunteer work this Saturday. It was in “Angel’s house”. I was in charge of the food with other volunteers. We were mainly foreigner people but there were also some Koreans. It was fun because after our work, we could spend some times with the residents. They were really happy to meet us as they asked lots of questions to us.

March to April 2017

This month was very similar to last month. I supported our multicultural classes, internship program and KPOP Camp.


I promoted our multicultural class on various Korean cafés with the help of another Korean worker. I had the opportunity to make my own multicultural class about Belgium so I introduced my country to different people that joined my lecture. After the lecture, we went all together to play some board games. After the board games, we had dinner, some drinks and went to the karaoke. It was a great day. I did my own promotion and created my own lecture for more than one hour in English for the first time of my life so it was a great experience.


I also promoted our internship program and our KPOP Camp in May among different French Facebook pages and groups.


As my travel visa is only 90 days and that it’s a 4-month-internship, I had the chance to travel for a week to Taipei. It was amazing to discover a new country, a new culture during that time! I had some friends there so I could meet them and ask them all the questions I wanted about Taiwan and Taipei itself. I ate a lot of delicious food and the weather was nice (except the rainy days!).


I did some volunteer work again at Angel’s house this month! There were more volunteer people than last month so I couldn’t talk to anyone (another reason was that I was sick). This time, I was in charge of taking pictures. It was fun because the residents were always asking me to take pictures of them.

April to May 2017

During this month, a lot of things change. We received new 8 French interns. That’s why we decided to make a “serie” of French multicultural class. I was then in charge to promote it for the month. I made flyers and promotion banners. We wanted to reach a wider public and as the website Meetup is popular in Korea so I created an account. I also did some Facebook event and promote through other exchange language applications (such as Doongle and Hellotalk). I sent mails to Korean universities such as Sogang University, Hankuk University of Foreign Languages, SNU, Ewha University, etc… Thankfully, we could reach at least 5 people in each meeting. It is very hard to make promotion in a country which is not yours.

Even though there are a lot of French lovers in Seoul, we cannot find them easily and make them come. Another difficulty is that we started those classes during mid-term period. I participated to two out of three multicultural class (the one of Manon and Marie). It was interesting to see how they wanted to introduce their country as I did the month before. I could learn a little bit more about France and also talked with new people in English, French and Korean.


After the promotion of our Multicultural class, we started to promote the Man to Man class of French and English. As I knew a little bit about Soomgo I introduced it to Camille, then created an account. I also promoted a little bit our KPOP Camp in May in Amino. It’s an application where KPOP

fans can talk to each other and post in their wall. I did create an account and write some comments on it.


It was very nice to have new interns with me. We also welcomed new Korean staffs so I didn’t feel lonely anymore while working. The atmosphere at work is really nice and peaceful. We ate lunch a few times together with Mister Cho and the interns. This month is my last and I really enjoyed working at ACOPIA. Thanks to Camille who was  my mentor during my internship, I really like working at ACOPIA. I have one week left and

we moved to our new office (ACOPIA CAFÉ). I’m really looking forward to see how this new project will evolve and even though I won’t be there anymore, I’ll try to stay tune.