Manon Deseine (France)

From April to May
My name is Manon and I’m currently in first master degree at ESCD 3A Lyon. During my studies I had to do an internship and the internship’s program of ACOPIA meets my expectations.
In fact I wanted to discover and get work experience in an NGO in Asia and South Korea is one the country I’m the most interested in.

I’ve been doing my internship at ACOPIA for one month now. The first week, during a multicultural class I talked about the geography of France and the main spots for tourists in France.

My main tasks were to promote the different activities of ACOPIA such as K-pop Camp and the internship’s program, to translate the website in Chinese and to give some French lessons.


Also with the opening of ACOPIA Café I’m looking forward to organize language exchange events with my co-worker Marie.


From May to June

I continued to promote Kpop Camp and I have contributed to its organization. One of the candidat was from Canada, during the Kpop Camp, French interns talk to her and tour with her in Seoul. We also visited Hanlim multi arts high school, a famous school where we saw Somi. It felt weird to go back to high school life for one day, eat at the cafeteria and see all the future idols. It was a great experience! During the audition I was in charge of the registrations.


With all the interns, we organized meetup every Friday. We played board games and learnt how to host, promote and organize an event.


I also gave French lessons to beginners, it’s really interesting to teach my mother language to foreigners, I met nice and motivated persons and I’m glad to help them in learning French.