Daelim Museum D Project Space

Sabrina Gradolf editor (Switzerland)

D Project Space presents works by two creators in GOODS FOR YOU.

Through space design and goods, GOODS FOR YOU takes a wide spectrum of interpretations on all events of life that enrich human relationships. Featuring works by EZMONSTER, recognized for her emotional style of illustrations, and HOHO, celebrated for her ‘HOHO and KUNANI’ series, this exhibition takes on a party concept focusing on all kinds of celebrations in our everyday life. The two artists’ works in different sizes, scattered throughout the living room filled with presents, the stairs and even the kitchen seem to welcome the guests as if to invite them to a party. EZMONSTER’s “friends” enjoy the party in a crowd, from the entrance to the living room, while the diverse episodes of HOHO’s ‘HOHO and KUNANI’ series are installed throughout the kitchen. In addition, on top of the exhibition space presenting the works of different genres by the two artists including illustrations, animations and installations, the various party props as well as household goods often used in daily life are displayed as goods for purchase.


GOODS FOR YOU consists of all the large and small events shared with close friends and family, capturing the moments of celebrations, gratitude and consolation into a house. By conveying the fragmentary images of moments that enrich our lives in the form of a ‘house’, we conceive ways that deliver the messages of the artist and artwork through familiar objects. Art objects, such as furniture, fabric, and lighting captures big and small moments like waiting for an important date by turning the calendar, being invited and inviting people close to us to share sincere talks. GOODS FOR YOU also aims to expand the goods culture by targeting office workers by serving as a downtown villa where they can take a break from work and everyday stress. Presenting unique idea kits/set products that dig into the daily lives of office workers, it starts a new generation of goods culture.

About the artists



EZMONSTER documents the fragments and happenings from her everyday life, expressing them in various mediums such as illustrations, tattoos, animations, publications and ceramics. In addition to the exhibition, EZMONSTER collaborates with fashion brands to facilitate public access to and consumption of her work, and enjoys working freely, unconfined to specific spaces and forms. In this exhibition, the artist expresses a party in full swing, through figures jam-packed with character enjoying the party from the entrance to the living room.


호호 / HOHO


Acclaimed for the HOHO and the KUNANI series, HOHO is widely celebrated for 4 panel comic strips that capture the deeply resonant and familiar moments and subjects from everyday life. HOHO’s delightful and lovely narratives and images are accessible through various means including emoticons, publications and goods. The emoticons in particular capture affectionate relationships in cute expressions and gestures and have already been released in several series. This exhibition presents the various episodes of the two characters that take place in the dining room.

Sabrina Gradolf  editor(Switzerland)