Robot café

Zuzia editorPoland

Couple days ago, I had a chance to visit a café without employers. Café is 24h open and café is made and served by… robots. Yes, robots. Robot barista and robot waiter. I have never experience something like that in Poland so it was a really cool adventure for me.

 First, when you enter the café, you need to choose which table you want to seat in. Then you have to check the table number and remember it. The reason is because the robot needs to know where to serve the coffee. You have 2 options either you order the coffee from kiosk or by QR code on your table. I decided to order via kiosk. Once I ordered the coffee robot barista started to prepare my coffee. The place where coffee is made is seen, so you can see how the robot prepare your coffee. During coffee preparation, another robot, this time robot waiter come to the station where robot barista makes your coffee, and wait for your coffee to be done and serve your coffee. Once is done, robot barista gives robot waiter your coffee and drive to your table. This is why the table number is important, because if you make a mistake, coffee will be served to different table. Robot waiter drive to your table and once it gets to you, robot stops and wait until you take your coffee and when you take it, robot drives away and wait for another order. 

Coffee prices are a little high but the experience I had was really good. This is something I had never experience before, so I really had fun.

  You can also order ice-cream or cake but you have to take it by yourself. Robot will not give it to you. It is self-service. Cake and coffee were really delicious and I will come back to this café again for sure. It is really good place for studying, it is quiet and not many people were there. Maybe two more tables and café are very big. You can come their whatever time you want, study or even just enjoy this unique experience.

I recommend this café to every coffee addicted person who are looking not just to drink delicious coffee but also for people who are looking for a café experience. Or just for people who are looking for Korea living in a future experience. I am both person, who are you?

Zuzia editorPoland