An overview of one of the finest and most cultural entertainment places in Seoul: The coffee shops (다방)

 Laura Vega editor(Colombia)

Let's take a sip of coffee and talk about the Dabang culture in South Korea!

One of the things that I love the most about South Korea is its coffee culture (다방), and let's be honest, most of us need a daily dose of coffee every day, and if not, you must have more than the average amount of stamina in your body. I love coffee regardless of my actual lack of stamina thought! If you ever found yourself walking through the beautiful streets of Seoul or any other city in South Korea, you are going to notice many bars, coffee shops (다방) , restaurants (식당), and teahouses (찻집). But did you know there is a traditional explanation for this?

Well, let me share some great things about this: This culture was born of the need to have entertainment places a few decades ago. Do you recall those times when people would use Hanbok (한복)? This was active even during those times - that's why Koreans follow a "Drink out" culture! 

We can see this in dramas when the main character (Or pretty much every character) hangs out after work with some coworkers while having some soju (소주) – Another important part of the Korean culture -  But coffee shops do play a more crucial and heart-warming role in Korea's social life, and the reason is that coffee shops are the favorite place to begin and end your day.

Coffee shops or Dabang (다방)  are the perfect places to meet up with your friends, escape from hot and cold weather, make business, listen to music, read, rest, study, and even meet the love of your life (who knows right?)

Most people that come from other cities, as soon as they enter Seoul they would go mostly to Dabang (다방), the same thing for tourists, they know they have to go to at least two or three of these places to feel the Korean culture at the finest.

Regardless of your social status, there is always a place for you in a Dabang (다방). Are you a student? you will probably see some kids at 3 AM behind their books and reviewing some notes before their tests on a coffee shop. Are you a businessman? you will probably go there for some coffee conversation with your future business partner. Are you a foreigner? you will find yourself, for sure, ordering the infamous Ice Americano (아아) to taste a little bit of Korean culture 

– and yes, I personally recommend trying the 아아, it’s so unique and different from other countries.


It’s wonderful to see Korean culture being everyone, no wonder this country has such a powerful way to make everyone fall in love with it. Finally, if you are ever wondering alone on the astonishing Seoul streets, take a breath in any coffee shop nearby, you might not love coffee, but I guarantee you will love Korean coffee culture for sure.


Laura Vega editor(Colombia)