Seoul Fashion Week

Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)


Korean fashion is often known as some of the best in the world. If you ever wandered the streets of South Korea, you may have noticed the amount of people dressed in fashionable clothing. A very popular fashion district in Seoul that enjoys international reputation is Dongdaemun-gu, which now has become a hub of the regional fashion industry with creative and affordable fashion items. This district is a must-visit attraction for those with interest in fashion.


Trying to become one of the most outstanding fashion weeks in the world – following New York, Milan, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks, Seoul Fashion Week is a unique fashion event, organized by Seoul Design Foundation. The shows are held twice a year, in March and October and takes place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. This is not only an exciting event for those who live in Korea- many tourists also enjoy being a part of it and get a glimpse of the fashionable clothing combinations. You’ll see many people posing and photographers taking plenty of photos. If you’ll be in Korea while Seoul Fashion Week is taking place, you should definitely stop by.

One of the largest fashion business events in Korea is the Seoul Collection, which is a series of top Korean designers’ fashion show. Since 2000, which was the first time it was held, the collection has become the most distinguished collection in the Korean fashion industry. The events have a broad spectrum of ages, genders, and ethnicities and you’ll even see toddlers walking the runways. Some of the products they wear can be formulated from pig placenta or even snail slime. 


Seoul Fashion Week is a great opportunity for those who wish to be inspired or put on a fashionable outfit themselves. You’ll see various styles and combinations of clothing items such as a modern take on hanbok, street style, retro etc.


The last few times they’ve held Seoul Fashion Week, it has been an online event due to COVID-19. They filmed and broadcasted at a range of historical landmarks in the city, including the National Palaces. Here you got to see the current fashion trends in Seoul and the city’s heritage and history at large. Since Seoul Fashion Week is such a large event in Korea, many famous domestic artists will attend and be selected as the season’s Global Ambassador. For the Spring/Summer Fashion Week event, the member Kai from the group EXO was selected.


Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)