How Covid-19 has Affected the K-pop Industry

Kira Hermansen editor (Denmark)


As we all know, the world was taken by surprise, when the now very known coronavirus started. Ever since the start of Covid-19 people have been fallen ill and a great part of the population of the world have died from this pandemic.



Nobody could see a pandemic coming and it spread so fast everybody had to act fast to protect the population of their country. There was nothing to do but try and follow whatever rules your country had and try to stay safe. Even though no one expected Covid-19 South Korea has been one of the countries to handle the situation well. 


Of course, the coronavirus has caused a lot of trouble for the Korean pop industry. The fans are a big part of K-pop groups money income and it affects them a lot when their entertainment can’t make enough money to function. If the groups can’t make enough money for their entertainment there is a big chance they have to disband, and the companies often go bankrupt. This has happened to some groups because of Covid-19 and groups have no choice but to disband.


In the K-pop industry they have made a lot of changes to help the situation with Covid-19. They made the end of the year music award shows digital and people could watch them online from home. Music shows stopped having an audience and preforming groups had a hard time because they couldn’t see their fans who would come and support them normally. Many groups also began to hold online concerts, to have more contact with their fans and they could also make some profit out of it.


Covid-19 cases began to rise again in South Korea in the start of December, but it’s beginning to fall again now in the start of January after they’ve made some new anti-virus restrictions. Many countries in the world are beginning to make a plan called ‘living with Covid-19’, where the goal is to make peoples life’s as normal as possible even though we still live with Covid-19. The virus is still affecting all of our lives and will not disappear anytime soon, therefor we have to remember all the rules, wash your hands, wear a mask and cover your mouth and nose with you elbow when coughing or sneezing.


Kira Hermansen editor (Denmark)