What is trendy in 2021/2022’s winter in Korea?




Zuzia editor(Poland)

 How cold is in Korea?


Korea’s winter lasts from December to February. Cold winds sweep in from Siberia in Russia during this period, resulting in cold, dry weather. The winds are quite strong. The temperature is about -6~3°C on average but can drop below -20°C. Winter brings more snow than rain

Then, is it possible to dress fashionably, and warm at the same time?


Winter clothes in Korea is not only comfortable and warm but also fashionable and smart. 




1.Puffer Coats


Becoming the trendiest outfit to wear in winter this year. Almost every Korean wear is and so do foreigners. Is available everywhere; in a market, shopping center and more. Can be paired with everything – any sweater; to look more stylish – turtle neck; black jeans and long or ancle length boots. 


    2. Turtle neck



This unisex trendy style has become popular all over the world. It will make you feel warm, covered and stylish during winters. It looks absolutely fashionable when you are wearing it with long blend coats and high boots during winters. Even in the K-dramas you will see actors wearing this combination a lot of times.

Can be pursued in every market, and pared with long jacked and puffer coat. To look more stylish – long jacket, and knee length boots. And some accessories such as – mini bag, scarf, glove and a cap. 


    3.    High Boots



That style has taken over the globe. Boots not only look stylish and classy but also are very comfortable to wear. Probably seen knee-length lace-up boots in so many K-pop music videos and K-dramas. Can be pared with denim jacket to look more casual, whereas to look like from a runway – long jacked and high neck would be a perfect match. Look gorgeous with a short jacket and a skirt.


Zuzia editorPoland