Audition Shine E&M - October 22th

Sabrina Gradolf  editor(Switzerland) 

Last Friday our trainees were invited to participate in an audition at Shine E&M. We took a taxi together to the venue. Initially, the entrance to the studio, which is located in Gangnam-gu, was difficult to find but we managed that as well. We were allowed to wait for the big performance in one of the practice rooms.                           

After, what felt like an eternity, the time had finally come. Thao My, China, Iroha and Rachel "Ray" had 15 minutes to stretch, internalize the dance moves and warm up their voices in the audition room. Then it started...

No matter if Rap, Balade or Pop, the trainees scored with everything. Also, the dance performances were an absolute eye-catcher. All of them were full of energy - I have the greatest respect for these young trainees. Every one of them showed that singing and dancing is in their blood. Despite to this enormous pressure, they mastered this audition with perfection and took criticism and remarks of the jurors with respect. 

 Now we must wait and see - hopefully for a positive decision from Shine E&M.


Sabrina Gradolf  editorSwitzerland