SM Entertainment’s New K-pop Girl Group: “Girls on Top” (GOT the beat)

Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)



Girls on Top or (“GOT” for short) consist of 7 female members from SM Entertainment.



The annual SMTOWN LIVE event is always a must-watch event for many K-pop fans out there. Here you’ll get to see a variety of great performances and reveals from the South Korean management company’s roster of artists. This year, the Korean online concert reached 51 million global streams and according to SM – this is the highest number of views they’ve had. Other than breaking a record, this year included a surprise which was a new “supergroup” – the so-called “Girls on Top”.


They will feature rotating units which will be a combination of top female artist from SM Entertainment. The first unit “GOT the Beat”, features BoA, Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi, Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, and Aespa’s Karina and Winter. SM already stated that we can expect other sub-units under the Girls on Top, to be created from other artists with specific genres and themes.


Since they’ve debuted with their song “Step Back” - I’ve myself and many others have been playing it on repeat. Other than the group consisting of individually talented artists – the song itself is catchy. The track is very bass-heavy and got elements of hiphop, electro house and dubstep. The seven artists are singing, rapping and what almost feels like a cheerleader chant-style chorus. It also took less than two days for their stage video to hit 10 million views on YouTube.


We’ve already seen this type of group before – where SM decides to combine different top artists from the company together. This happened in 2019 where the group “Super M” debuted with their song “Jopping”. The members of the group turned out to be EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, WayV’s Lucas and Ten, NCT’s Taeyong and Mark, and Shinee’s Taemin. Referred to the “Advengers of K-pop”, SuperM has since then released a debut EP and an album.


While listening to Girls on Top’s debut song, we can only wait for what will happen next. Will it be another song from the group, a whole album or something even more surprising? Time will tell.


Laerke Andersen editor (Denmark)