South Korea: How a country has been able to see through the eyes of their customers

Laura Vega editor(Colombia)

South Korea is one of the most powerful and influencing countries within the IT and metalworking industries. But further to this we can highlight the incredible growth most of their cultural industries have been gaining over the past few years.

Nowadays we can consider South Korea a pioneer within this industry, especially because of covid, we can say that South Korea shined the most in here. To explain how they have achieved this great success, we should start by defining some examples:

First is how SM entertainment was able to take advantage of the country's technological development to create a platform for virtual concerts streaming. So here we have a project built to satisfy and promote the entertainment industry in the country, plus the use of the current IT advantages, followed by an incredible marketing plan and execution that lead to an enormous and incredible movement of online concerts, not only in South Korea but in many places worldwide.

The second example is the fact that many entertainment firms are getting innovative with their business lines. They are getting into more different products to promote and expand the whole entertainment spectrum, so it is normal to see a whole company focused on music production also launching incredible IT resources, videogames, books, and even go as far as to get in totally unrelated business units within the agribusiness, and fashion and apparel. 


Street Woman Fighter: Opening the Door for Dancers

Thao My editor(Vietnam) 

Street Woman Fighter premiered on MNET this Summer, and its impact on the often-underappreciated South Korean dancing industry has been exponential. Through this program, eight female dance teams from across South Korea competed for the title of ‘Best Dance Team’. Even if there was only one eventual winning team, every dancer has benefited from the explosive success of Street Woman Fighter.Backup dancers have not always necessarily been unknown, but they have never been widely recognizable to the public. When EXO’s Kai had his solo debut last year, all eyes were instead on a girl behind him. Sporting sleek black hair and a charismatically cold gaze, an unknown backup dancer radiated beauty and viewers picked up on it. Garnering millions of views on edited “fancams”, the public came to the same conclusion. “The girl in the glasses is the best!”. But despite this wide public adoration, few would recognize her name, Noze.



Gyeongbokgung Palace

Sabrina Gradolf  editorSwitzerland)

My colleague and I were able to visit the Gyeonbokgung Palace and the small museum. How we felt, we can’t put into words. It was as if we traveled back in time. Exciting, very impressive and beautiful can describe this historical place - A MUST SEE when you’re in Seoul. Here we’ve summarized the most important things about the palace but also check out our photos and our Youtube-Video.

It was in 1395, three years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded by King Taejo, when the construction of the main royal Palace was completed after the capital of the newly founded dynasty moved from Gaeseong to Seoul. The Palace was named Gyeongbokgung Palace, the "Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven”, with Mount Bugaksan to its rear and Mount Namsan in the foreground.
In front of Gwanghwamun Gate, the main entrance to the Palace, Yukjogeori-ran (Street of Six Ministries, today's Sejongno), home to major government offices. Along the central axis upon which Gwanghwamun Gate stood was the nucleus of the Palace, including the throne hall, council hall and king's residence. The government ministry district and main buildings of Gyeongbokgung Palace formed the heart of the capital city of Seoul and represented the sovereignty of the Joseon Dynasty. After all the Palaces in the capital were razed by the Japanese during the Hideyoshi invasions of 1592-'98, the second palace Changdeokgung, was rebuilt and served as the main Palace.

Brutally competition in Korean Education

Zuzia editor(Poland)


The Suneung – an eight-hour Korean ability exam


Education system in South Korea is consider to have the most mercilles education system in the world; is described as: „stressful, authoritarian, brutally competitive and meritocratic’’. Not only in Korea, but along with other „Asian Tigers” named: Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapour education is a solid economic foundation of the country and they have became global education centers.

The more successful country is, the more competitive students are.

South Korea is declared to be the best educated country and is consider to have the most educated young people in the entire world. Parents are spending large amount of they income to provide their children the best private tutoring, which is called the education arms race. This country is consider to have the largest private tutoring industry in the world.

It is not just about to admission into best universities in Korea, but to get into best universities in the entire world. That is why today’s korean students are envy of many people worldwide.

Avarage student in Korea spends from 13 hours to 16 hours of studying every single day, believing to get into the top universities and be at the top in the class. They are taking classes after classes, tutor after tutor, paying thousands of dollars to get the best education they can have. Not only students put pressure on themselves but also their parents and family members to get the best position is social hierarchy as they canxday, believing to get into the top universities and be at the top in the class. They are taking classes after classes, tutor after tutor, paying thousands of dollars to get the best education they can have. Not only students put pressure on themselves but also their parents and family members to get the best position is social hierarchy as they can.


What is the best age to debut?

Dani Soto(Mexico)&Thao My(Vietnam) editor

The K-POP industry, as many people know or imagine, is very competitive and very wearisome. Idols train to be flawless artists and they are expected to be role models for society, which is to some extent a lot for them without taking into account that they are humans as well and they can make mistakes. Also, to be able to be in the industry you have to have a strong mentality and mindset to be able to not give up halfway through it. As years go by, the trainees chosen to debut are increasingly young. This is nothing new, we have seen before some examples are Taemin (Shinee) who debuted in 2009 at 14 years old; BoA, who debuted at 14 years old in 2000; and Jisung (NCT) who debuted in 2016 at the age of 14.

Idols who debuted at 14 were usually the youngest of the group, but now the future idols that are 14 are usually or get to be in the middle age members. With the auditions going back to normal after 2 years of pandemic, companies and TV shows auditions are looking for trainees in between 2002 to 2009, we are talking about 19 to 12 years old. Some of the groups that have debuted in the last 2 years that have members that don’t pass the 17 years old are BAE17, Afterschool, Enhypen, Iz*One, Treasure, Rocket Punch, P1Harmony, and many more.


※ 일본방방곡곡 후루사토키즈나 프로그램은 '90일단기비자'로 진행되는 일본체험 무급 인턴십이고, 아시아희망캠프기구가 주최합니다.

요코하마는 어떤 지역인가요?


도쿄에서 한시간 정도 떨어져 있는 일본을 대표하는 항구 도시중 한 곳입니다. 일본 국내에서 도쿄 다음으로 인구가 많은 도시로 손꼽힙니다.

일본의 근대기에 막대한 외국 자본의 투자로 눈부신 발전이 이루어진 곳이기도 합니다. 그때 이루어진 발전의 흔적이 그대로 남아있어 일본 근대의 화려한 모습을 확인할 수 있습니다. 항구와 함께 이국적인 건물들이 곳곳에 있는 도시의 풍경은 일본의 다른 도시에서는 느낄 수 없는 낭만을 불러옵니다. 공업과 무역시 요코하마 산업 경제의 중심이며 주요 산업은 제철, 조선, 자동차 등의 대규모 공업입니다.  


■ 주최 : 아시아희망캠프기구

■ 협력 : 요코하마시립대학교

    公益財団法人こども教育支援財団 東京大志学園

■ 후원 : 한일사회문화포럼 

■ 인원 : 매달 최대 2명(2명 근무시 근무 일자 조정 필요)

■ 자격 : 일본어 중급(JPT 500점)이상의 한국인(대학생~사회인) 연령제한 없음

            → JLPT, JPT점수가 없으면 전화테스트로 대신 합니다.    

 활동기간 : 최소 30일간 ~ 최대 90일간 (선택가능) 

■ 근무시간 : 평일 근무 / 주말 자유시간 

■ 활동 : 東京大志学園 横浜校에서의 학생 서포트 및 한국어 수업 진행

           일본의 중고생들에게 한국어와 한국의 문화를 소개해 주세요! 


■ 참가회비: 무료    


■ 안심지원서비스: 1개월 60만원 / 2개월 90만원 / 3개월 120만원 

  서류 지원에서부터 출국까지, 현지에서 생활하는 중간에도 언제든지 연락주세요! 출국전 지원뿐만 아니라, 현지에서 현지 생활서포터가 도움을 드립니다. 


도쿄다이시학원은 일본 내각부 인정 공익재단법인 어린이교육지원재단이 운영하는 교육기관입니다.

부등교 학생, 아동을 학교로 되돌려 보내기 위한 지원과 교육을 하고 있습니다. 


캠퍼스 통학

교실에 나와 친구들, 혹은 부등교를

극복한 선배들과의 교류를 합니다. 

규칙적이고 계획적인 생활을 계속

하는 것은 그만큼 사회 적응력을 

키워주고 학교로 돌아갈 준비를  

하는데에 아주 큰 도움이 됩니다. 

교과 학습

한명 한명의 학습능력에 맞추어

개별적으로 진행하고 있습니다. 

어떤 내용이든 정성을 다해

가르치고 이해가 될 때까지 학생의

수준에 맞추어 지도하고 있습니다.

진학·진로 상담

재적되어 있는 학교와 긴밀하게

연락을 취하여 수시로 상황을 보고

합니다. 진학 혹은 진로에 대하여

개별 상담을 통하여 각 학생에게 

맞는 다음 단계를 준비합니다. 

정신건강 상담

전문 상담가에게 받는 정기적인 

상담은 물론, 부등교 관련 전문가

혹은 부등교를 극복한 선배들의

강연회를 진행하고 있습니다.

또한 같은 고민은 가진 부모님들이

서로의 고민을 나눌수 있도록

모임을 주선하고 있습니다. 

사진출처: 다이시학원 요코하마 홈페이지



* 개별적으로 아래의 사이트에 들어가셔서, 본인이 원하는 스타일/가격/기간에 맞춰 구해주세요! 


*Share House


1. R Share House         


<yokohama 花月園倶楽部>


2. Share Place





3. Interwhao





일본방방곡곡후루사토키즈나 참가절차 


※ 수시접수, 수시선발

1. 접수신청 : 아래 양식에서 신청.

2. 이력서를 제출(이력서양식 : 다운로드)  ※ 로 보내주세요. 

Microsoft Word 63.0 KB

3. 예약금 10만원 입금하기 

입금계좌 : 국민은행 009901-04-115687 아시아희망캐캠프기구 

※ 입금하는 순서대로 매달 2명이 확정됩니다. 예약금은 전체 참가회비의 일부이고 입금후 취소해도 환불되지 않습니다. 

4. 비행기 예약하기 (각자 예약후 구매)

5. 상세안내와 주의사항 받기 (서울사무국 방문 또는 이메일로)

6. 안심지원서비스(필수) 가입하기

7. 서약서 제출하기


아시아희망캠프 참가서약서양식.pdf
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8. 출국하기 → 요코하마 도착 → 입실하기 

9. 현지 담당자와 만나기 → 1~3개월간 할일을 의논하여 정하기.

10. 인턴십&체험  (최소 30일간 ~ 최대 90일간) 

11. 귀국 

12. 참가후기 작성 및 제출하기 →  멋진 수료증과 6만원 받기 (참가후기를 제출하면 6만원을 선물합니다.) 

13. 인증서(수료증) 자동발행 받기

국민은행 009901-04-115687 아시아희망캠프기구
국민은행 009901-04-115687 아시아희망캠프기구


※ 일본방방곡곡 후루사토키즈나 프로그램은 '90일단기비자'로 진행되는 일본체험 무급 인턴십이고, 아시아희망캠프기구가 주최합니다.

잠깐!! 아래의 접수신청부터 해주세요


전화 : 평일 09:00~18:00 /  02-738-4649  

  방문 : 방문환영! 방문일시를 이메일로 알려주세요.

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